People have a habit of grinding their teeth due to stress. Grinding and clenching of teeth can cause the outer layer of the teeth (enamel) to wear away exposing dentine which is the sensitive part of the teeth. This habit can also result in TMJ pain and clicking. To break the habit and to protect the teeth, a mouth-guard which is a clear rubber material can be custom made. The measurements of the teeth are taken in the form of an impression and a model is cast and a clear sheet covered over the model which will be shaped according to the teeth. The mouth-guard can also be used in people playing sports to prevent the teeth from trauma during in case of accidents.


The importance of maintaining a healthy smile is making sure to replace any missing teeth in your mouth. If teeth are absent it can alter the arrangement of remaining teeth by shifting into the surrounding spaces. A denture can aid in chewing of food, it may also prevent drooping of the face by providing foundation for the lips and cheeks and improve speech in certain cases. Dentures can also restore patients’ confidence as they alter aesthetics improving a smile.