Restoring confidence, one smile at a time

white_familyA Teeth looses its natural white colour when we age and stains from spicy foods, coffee, coke or red wine and smoking. Whitening your teeth is a relatively quick and easy way to give your smile a makeover. The practice is using PURE SMILE and OPALESCENCE to recapture that youthful smile. The teeth whitening procedure includes 30 minutes on chair with laser light and whitening trays to take home.



Pure Smile

puresmilePure Smile is an exclusive; FDA approved 100% natural teeth whitening gel that contains all the components required for effective and safe teeth whitening. It utilises the latest LED light whitening technology represent the main catalysts for the whitening process.Includes Soda Bicarbonate, known as a strong whitening agent and totally safe since it is used for cooking and baking (baking soda). Other active ingredients include Pomegranate, Aloe-vera and Chamomile which are known as whitening agents and also used in many skincare products.

This product guarantees natural whitening without any complications which include; no teeth sensitivity during and after treatment and no gum irritation. We recommend pursuing another treatment in about 6 months but it can be done safely every 3 months. Long lasting results depends on the habits which are smoking and drinking a lot of coffee. Long term results can be enhanced by using whitening toothpaste to maintain the pearly white smile. There are contraindications if you are pregnant, photosensitive or if you have crowns or fillings.


Opalescence Home Kit

product_opalescence_pf_groupOpalescence ready-to-go whitening gel offers professional whitening results for people who want to take their whitening treatments to go. Dispensed only by a licensed dental professional, Opalescence ready-to-go whitening gel comes in prefilled disposable trays, so it’s ready to use right out of the package. With no need to wait for models or custom trays, you can begin brightening your smile as soon as you leave your dentist’s office!


Opalescence take-home whitening gel is a professional teeth whitener available only through a licensed dental professional. Giving you a whiter, brighter smile using custom trays your dentist makes just for you, Opalescence take-home whitening gel is ideal for people who want the most customized whitening treatment possible and for people who want a lot of options. You can wear opalescence for as little as 30minutes per day. It is Available in three delicious flavours and four concentrations for day or night wear. Opalescence take-home whitening gel allows you to get professional whitening results at your convenience in a safe, effective, and customized way!


after_careWith a full line of after-care products, Opalescence has what you need to keep your smile looking bright white. Choose from any of our specially formulated Opalescence Whitening Toothpastes to effectively remove surface stains and keep your smile healthy and happy.